I started my career as a Data Scientist for more than 10 years ago in the field of Neuroscience at the University of Verona - School of Medicine, Italy. As point person in data analysis, I studied the single and multi-unit recordings from behaving non human primates. Moreover, I have been conducting psychophysical experiments on human subjects to investigate the brain plasticity in drug addicts.
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After years of scientific research, I finally discovered the great contribution that could have brought a scientific approach to the business data. In 2014, very few places were conscious about the role of data science, but I had the good fortune to work for one of these: Chorally. Thanks to Chorally, I used the best technology available for companies to obtain useful and usable information from their data.
I also have extensive experience in the field of Statistical Consultancy and Data Science applied to Marketing and Fraud Prevention.

I conclude with the words of George Box: all models are wrong, some models are useful.

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