Feature of Automobiles via Web App

This is an iteractive web applicatioin created in shiny.
It is an interactive approach to telling data story. Here below, an example using feaure of cars from the Mtcars dataset. The Web App need about 15 sec to be loaded here below, please wait :-)

In this example we have a dropdown menu on the left dynamically populated from the data. For each feature inside the dropdown menu we have a count of the unique values per each features. We also have a second dropdown menu where we can choose between three types of metrics (height, mass, birth_year). At the bottom of the dashboard we have a data table, where we can use a filter by specific columns. The dataset used is mpg, which is technical spec of cars like: car manufacturer, model name, engine displacement in liters, year of manufacturing, number of cylinders, type of transmission, drive type, city mileage (miles per gallon), highway mileage (miles per gallon), fuel type.